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Furus Luxury boat is a company  presenting many qualities that firmly accompany our products : the  elegante mahogany speedboats.
It´s a hand-made boat which united the boat  building  experience  from Scandinavia and from Estonia and forms an uncompromising quality that last for several generations.
When creating the speedboat we have  proceeded from the dream  how an elegant and luxury but meanwhile a fast and small speedboat  offering driving enjoymet could look like.
When you evaluate  the elegant design of a mahogony speedboat  and  the lifestyle that evaluates yourself, then Furus Classic, Furus Coupe and Furus Electric are  meant  just for you.

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Furus Luxury Boat specifications
  • Length overall 15′-0″
  • Length Waterline 13′-9″
  • Beam 6′-0″
  • Maximum Hull depth 33″
  • Depth at Transom 21″
  • Forward Cockpit Size30″ x 5′-6″
  • Aft Cockpit Size4′-3″ x 4′
  • Average passengers2-4
  • Hull weight (approx.)700
  • Approx Speeds:
    50hp = 31 mph
    60hp = 33 mph
    75hp = 37 mph
    90hp = 39 mph

Furus Luxury Boat OÜ



Seljaku 15 , Tallinn EE11611, Estonia




Reg nr: 14679573



Indrek Pähnapuu

Indrek Pähnapuu


Mob : + 3725058091
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