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Furus Luxury Boats

Furus is a company presenting many qualities that firmly accompany our products: the elegant mahogany speedboats. It’s a hand-made boat that unites the boat-building experience from Scandinavia and from Estonia and forms an uncompromising quality that lasts for several generations.

When creating the speedboat we have proceeded from the dream how an elegant and luxury but meanwhile a fast and small speedboat offering driving enjoyment could look like.

When you evaluate the elegant design of a mahogany speedboat and the lifestyle that evaluates yourself, then Furus Classic and Furus Coupe are meant just for you.

Furus Coupe

Length: 14 ft.

Price starts: 29 000 + VAT


Furus Classic

Lenght: 14 ft.

Price starts: 29 900 + VAT


Furus EXPO Edition

Lenght: 15 ft.

Price starts: €39 000 + VAT


A lifestyle of self-appreciation where durability starts from the quality.


High quality

We use only high-quality materials such as mahogany, teak and leather.


Custom made

Our client has an opportunity to design their boat exactly how they like it.


Wordwide shipping

We deliver your boat to anywhere in the world.


Green thinking

We use materials that are ecologically sustainable.

Furus Boats are luxury items for a fan who appreciates handmade things that can last forever and who know that if well kept the value of their precious boat never decreases.

By default, 99% of our clients have usually a good visual and idea of what the finished boat should look like. As much as there are people, there are different requests. So, if You decide, that one of these beauties should be at Your harbor, looking distinguished and never aging, You can be sure that there is not a single boat in the world that looks the same.

Furus Team

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our team.


Indrek Pähnapuu



Leo Schulz

Head of Sales


Indrek Käsper